Kaori ML (Kousei Plays Mod)

Kaori ML

49.8 Kousei Plays

Description of Kaori ML

Many apps & tools have been assisting the unskilled gamers in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Now, modified versions of this game are more helpful as compared to injectors & mod tools. Do you want to improve your competency in MLBB? If yes, then you can pick a newly arrived ML mod menu from this page. Yes, Kaori ML (Kousei Plays Mod) is a famous replica of the original game. But it is more refined & better than its previous forms. Battle, ESP, Camera & more hacks are enjoyable in this updated version. Hence, try it now after downloading from the fastest link on this page.

All its offers are mind-blowing. Be mindful of the fact that Kaori ML doesn’t make changes in the original ML gameplay. Each & every aspect of this mod game is a copy of the primary game. Yet, it has added a complimentary floating mod menu. Users can take their desired cheats from this menu to inject into the game. As a result, one will enjoy a chicken dinner most simply. Gamers yearn for an alternative channel to win the Mobile Legends safely. Therefore, it would be the right option. Indeed, Kaori ML works just like the M4PH4X. It is another A1 & attractive feature.

Using pro features lets you shine clearly in the multiplayer mode of Mobile Legends. You can kill the targeted enemies with accuracy. Resultantly, your wallet gets filled with thousands of battle points. Most probably, you can win a match if the progress continues. It means you achieve your goal of victory. No doubt, thousands of ML players dream for this moment. However, they are unable to experience this feeling. Since they don’t survive long.

Features of Kaori ML (Kousei Plays Mod):

Despite its unofficial status, Kaori ML is safe to some extent. The developers use advanced tech to make it undetectable & anti-ban. Thus, you can count it among the reliable & secure MODs. Anyway, here is a summary of all the offered cheats & features.

Battle Hacks Lobby

  • Maphack V1
  • Maphack V2 (No Icon)
  • Unlock All Skin
  • No Grass
  • Fix Grass
  • Spam Chat

Extra Sensory Perception

  • ESP Line
  • Box
  • Health
  • ESP Hero Name
  • ESP Show Cooldown
  • Player Name
  • ESP Show Distance
  • ESP Small Dot
  • Green Color
  • ESP Crosshair

Camera Heights

  • Drone View (In-Game): 0 – 15
  • Drone View (In-Lobby): 0 – 30

Settings for ESPs

  • ESP Line & Box Size
  • ESP Color
  • Hero Name & Cooldown Color

How to install & use Kaori ML (Kousei Plays Mod)?

The original & latest APK file is getable from the link visible on the bellow of this page. The installation uses the same steps as you do for third-party apps & tools. Then, open the installed game and check what it demands. In reality, you see a login page before entering the game. Tap on the GET KEY button. A YouTube video will open. So, follow the given guidelines. Finally, you will get the login key. Copy that specific code & paste it into the Kaori ML game. We have not provided you with the login code because the developer changes it daily. Thus, you have to bother with it.


An enhanced & controlled gameplay of Kaori ML (Kousei Plays Mod) enables the users to use dozens of premium features. Though it has donated some precious items, yet there are no charges for its download & use. Non-rooted devices will also support it. Moreover, it is an ad-free game with so many attributes. So if you are an average gamer trying hard to win a battle in Mobile Legends. Then, release all your pressure through this mod menu. Honestly, your friends will give you encouraging feedback. On the other hand, Kaori ML is a non-official & illegal game.

Additional Information

May 13, 2023
142 MB
5.0 and up
Apps, Tools
Kousei Plays