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Description of Zaxius Domain Injector

If you have a deficiency of premium helping material in the Mobile Legends, then don’t worry. There are several ways to earn the pricey elements for free. However, this review article will help you know about the Zaxius Domain Injector. The use of this modish app is fruitful & safe as well. Indeed, you can unlock all MLBB skins, recalls, and emotes through this tool. Hence, it can revamp all your favorite characters in respect of looks & skills. Since all these three items are getable via cash payments only. Therefore, many gamers can’t bear this burden.

Heroes and their skins are a vital part of all MOBA games. Similarly, MLBB also contains more than 100 warriors with hundreds of variable costumes. Luckily, our today’s app can make them all accessible for you. If you have ever tried to manipulate this game using cheating tools, you would be familiar with Zolaxis Patcher and Nix Injector. These are the best injector tools for MLBB, and both are a perfect alternative to the Zaxius Domain Injector app. We have analyzed the former two, and they are freely accessible for all fans. So, get the right APK files from us at no cost.

Features of Zaxius Domain Injector:

The developer has been updating this tool regularly. Thus, it has become an A1 source of freebies. If you are a gamer who prefers cheating in the game, then try it. You will confirm the following features.

MLBB Skins

  • It offers characters of all the 06 ML roles.
  • Assassin; 11 Heroes
  • Marksman; 10 Heroes
  • Fighter; 12 Heroes
  • Mage; 11 Heroes
  • Support; 10 Heroes
  • Tank; 10 Heroes
  • All kinds of skins for a character.
  • Backup feature.

Effect Recalls

  • This item will keep your avatars alive even after fatal harm.
  • The latest version unlocks all the 43 ML recalls on the house.
  • 06 sets are present containing different types of this element.
  • When you click on a recall, all the relevant information appears quickly.

Battle Emotes

  • Similarly, the new version also unlocks all emoticons.
  • 04 sets with 08 emote in each are ready to use.
  • The injection process is just like a walk in the park.

What’s New in Zaxius Domain Version 1.11 Update?

  • 06 revamped Karina skins
  • 03 revamped Minotaur skins
  • New revamped Alpha skins
  • 02 revamped Sun skins
  • MLBB background music
  • Notification error fixed
  • Crashes and errors fixed

Is it safe to use the Zaxius Domain Injector?

You must not forget that such injector apps are illegal to use. Therefore, MLBB blocks those accounts involved in cheating. On the other hand, mod app developers are taking advantage of the loopholes in Mobile Legends. They have prepared anti-ban tools to break the security barriers in the game. Consequently, users of these tools can modify the game easily. For better and beneficial use of Zaxius Domain Injector, you need to install a virtual space app. Create a fake ML account and apply any injector app openly.


Zaxius Domain Injector is a free cheating tool for MLBB. We admire its current version offering plenty of premium stuff without breaking the bank. So, the whole discussion is for educational purposes to add to your knowledge. Do not try to misuse it. Otherwise, no one is responsible for your loss. Finally, download it now and make the Mobile Legends facile & painless.

Additional Information

April 8, 2023
18 MB
5.0 and up
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