Zong Tools APK

Zong Tools APK

Part 30 Zong Xotic

Description of Zong Tools APK

Mobile Legend Bang Bang is a revolutionary game where players can spend quality time playing matches. But there is a problem, which is the in-app purchases of the game that push players back. But don’t worry because there is a solution to that problem, which is to use Zong Tools APK. This is a great alternative to the premium purchase.

This is a mod APK of the official game where players will get all features for free. Although, you can also use Worst Injector for this purpose. But this application has its own benefits. It is comparatively better than other applications. You will get a lot of new features in this mod. Also, this is far better than any other application available on the internet.

Moreover, Zong Tools consists of high-display graphics which are even better than the official game. Here you will get free access to features like skins and battle effects. It makes it easy for the users as they do not have to invest their money to unlock these unique features. Downloading the latest version of this app from our site will be productive for you.

What is Zong Tools APK?

This app is an alternative for the users of MLBB. The reason for developing this application is that there are certain features in the game that require investment. For that reason, this app will provide such features at zero cost to the users. Also, do not worry about the game as you will get all the features of the official game in this app.

Moreover, in Zong Tools, you can get free skins. You can utilize these skins in the game to make your avatar more engaging. Also, you can use the battle effects to customize your gameplay. For example, you can customize your notifications according to your need. In addition, you can also use battle actions.

Furthermore, it also provides spawn, recall, trail, and elimination effects to make your gameplay entertaining. You can advance your game rank with these amazing features for free. Also, you can use emotes of various kinds to cheer up your victory. If you want to improve your skills in a short period then this mod application is what you need.

Features of Zong Tools APK?

In this mod app, players can use their favorite items without spending a single penny. It is available for free download for all Android users. You can easily approach the latest features of the game. Using this app over the official game is the best choice for those players who want to enjoy their free time. In this modified APK, you can get the following features.


You can get free access to multiple heroes of the game. Also, you can choose your best avatar to play the matches in the game.


This app will provide you with legendary skins which you can use during a match. It will make you a well-known player of the game.


To provide you with a safe platform the developers of this application have added anti-ban features so that you can enjoy the game without worrying about ban issues.

High performance

After using this application you will perform better in the game. Moreover, no other player will be able to compete with you as you will be the strongest player in the game.

Battle effects

This application consists of all kinds of battle effects. In addition, you can custom-make your notifications, respawn, recall, eliminate, and more like these.


The Zong Tools is a great mod application for Android users where they can access premium items for free. Moreover, it is a safe platform where you can spend hours playing MLBB. Also, after playing matches in this application you will be the strongest player of all time. In addition, you do not have to put your efforts to practice the game.

Additional Information

May 11, 2023
Part 30
8.4 MB
5.0 and up
Apps, Tools
Zong Xotic